Best Apps For Car Maintenance

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1. Drivvo

This app has too much to offer to its users. Right from letting you save some pretty decent money via managing the expenses of your car maintenance and service costs to keeping a track on your fuel mileage, Drivvo does a lot of things. It tracks and records your vehicle’s average fuel consumption on per day basis, monthly expenses, and a lot more.


Essential Features

  • Advanced reminders such as your next car service day
  • Fuel efficiency statistics and management
  • Fuel stations registering

2. Simply Auto

This app is a complete car management tool. Simply Auto keeps acts as your car’s mileage tracker, maintenance, services, and expenses log. It gives you all the information that you need to effortlessly maintain your car. In addition, app information (car expenses, services costs, mileage, etc.) can be stored in the cloud and synced across multiple devices.


Essential Features

  • Automatic trip tracking and logging
  • Supports voice input
  • Multiple vehicles support

3. DIY Car Maintenance

The DIY Car Maintenance app is a Do-it-yourself manual that will help car owners with any and sorts of troubles by providing a complete step-by-step process which is simple to understand and follow. It shows DIYs for multiple situations like How to change a flat tire, how to change brake pads, how to change engine oil, etc.


Essential Features

  • No internet required
  • Easy to understand and detailed videos
  • Included images to show exactly what to expect

4. Car Management – MOT, Inspection

Now manage seamlessly the deadlines of your vehicles such as renewing the insurance and maintenance services like oil changes, inspection, etc. with Car management app. Utilizing statistical algorithms, the app predicts the expiration date of the uploaded memos such as replacement of the oil date.


Essential Features

  • Filter replacement
  • Make accurate predictions
  • Get on-time reminders for maintenance services

5. My Car Maintenance

My Car Maintenance is a complete detailed feature-rich app for maintaining your car. It is extremely easy to use. The app lets you enter all your car related information to create a tab with all the tech details without having to check the manuals every single time.

  • Get timely reminders for your car maintenance services
  • Check all the expenses made
  • Include prices and distance to get detailed fuel consumption

6. Free Car Maintenance myCARFAX

This is one of the few apps that provide exclusive service data to automatically show your service history and remind you of your next scheduled car service like oil changes, tire rotations, etc.


Essential Features

  • Track your repair and service history for up to 8 years
  • Find your nearest car repair shops
  • Easy login with Facebook

7. iFixit

iFixit is one of the largest repair manuals that lets users fit it by themselves using their do-it-yourself guides for every task. The app has thousands of detailed step-by-step videos with high-quality images that make the whole process of your vehicle maintenance easy.


Essential Features

  • Publish your own DIY videos
  • Stay updated with all latest DIY videos
  • Categories include electronics, appliances, computer hardware, and a lot more

8. SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

This is an advanced speedometer app which utilizes your smartphone’s inbuilt GPS system to display your car’s current, maximum, and average speed, direction, total travelled distance, and a lot more.


 Essential Features

  • Support units like miles, kilometres, etc.
  • Set speed limits? Display speed graph chart for better analysis

9. MyFuelLog2

Keep a track of your car’s fuel fill-ups and other expenses easily with MyFuelLog2.  This app will efficiently track time and location. In addition to that, users can also personalize the main screen using the logo and the image of their vehicle.

Essential Features

  • Backup your vehicle data to Google, Dropbox, etc.
  • Track the expenses of services
  • Get the reports with charts in PDF formats

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